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does anybody know if it is possible to create ISO images rather tan burning CDs?

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Can you elaborate a bit your question? Has it something to do with the [I]Nero Software Development Kit[/I] (you posted in the [I]Nero SDK Discussion Forum[/I]), or is it a general question?

In general, most burning programs allow the creation of images (ISO, or some proprietary formats, e.g. when dealing with Audio CDs) instead of burning. Then, using some software for virtual devices like Daemon-Tools, you can use such an image as if you have actually inserted the “true” CD/DVD in a “true” drive (eventually with some restrictions)…

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Assuming you are interested in creating an ISO image using Nero, first create your compilation as if you were creating a data CD. Then click the ‘Recorder’ menu and select ‘Choose Recorder…’. Choose on ‘Image Recorder’ and click on ‘OK’. Click the burn icon and click on ‘Burn’ as if you are going to write this to CD. A dialog box will appear asking where you wish to save this image to. Choose ‘Nero Image Files (*.iso)’ from the ‘Save as type:’ drop-down list, give it a name and click on ‘Save’. It will now create your ISO image and once it shows ‘Burn process completed successfully’, your ISO is ready. Don’t forget to set the ‘Choose Recorder…’ option back to your CD/DVD writer. :slight_smile:

And now I am serching for the option to create an ISO image instead of a CD!
So would anybody move it back to Nero SDK?

I wonder why you couldn’t mention that in your first post…

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I would like to do something similar to what I believe “Coolness” wishes to do. We produce software for schools and colleges and wish to produce a single directory of IMG files that can be selected an burnt as as when needed (in small scale production). I wish to write a utility that will take a number of folders in turn and create an IMG file from each.

I know Nero can take a command line to burn the CD, but can it be set to just create an ISO image from a folder and save it to a specified location?

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The nerocmd command line utility can create an ISO or NRG image from a set of files from the command line by specifying “Image Recorder” as the drive name to record to. When you use this parameter, use the “–output_image” parameter to specify the name of the ISO or NRG image.

Use the following command for creating an NRG file:

nerocmd --write --drivename “Image Recorder” --iso “(Volume name)” --output_image “(File name).nrg” --real --recursive “(Path to fileset)

To create an ISO image instead of an NRG image, use the following command:

nerocmd --write --drivename “Image Recorder” --iso “(Volume name)” --output_image “(File name).iso” --real --tao --recursive “(Path to fileset)

Replace “(Volume Name)” with the name of the volume to call this, replace “(File name)” with the path & name of what to call the ISO or NRG file and finally replace “(Path to fileset)” with the path to the folder containing the files you wish to place in the ISO image.

To prevent the process from looking for any user interaction, such as if you place this into a batch file or execute it from an application and for some reason the utility is run with a missing parameters, add the argument “–no_user_interaction”. :wink:

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Does anyone know how to select the ISO9660:1999 format from the command line ?