Iso images


i have a couple of iso images on my pc, so if i use deamon tools to mount them they boot abd everything is okay.

but if i want to make a boot disk and its in iso format i need to boot strait away without mouting it with deamon tools, so if i burn an iso image with alcohol 120%, next time i will insert the cd will it automaticly boot just like any normal cd?

if not then i probaly need to convert it to a alcohol image right?


First of all I don’t think that this subject has anything to do with copy protection.

But I’ll try to answer the best I can.

Alcohol can burn just about any iso format. I don’t think it needs to be an .MDS file (AKA alcohol image) to be done.

thanks i didnt think it would work!

the xbox works like that! (if you care)

If the boot disk works as you should expect on Daemon Tools, then Alcy should be able to give you a nice hard copy no sweat.

Good Luck!