Iso image with clonedvd

I’m trying to make an iso/udf image file but I noticed that clone dvd doesn’t compress it to fit in a 4.7 dvd. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for helping.

No the ISO being larger is normal. somewhere along the lines of 10-15%.

When you write that ISO image to DVD using your DVD writing software eg CLoneDVD, CopytoDVD etc all will be alright !

Thanks for the answer, PeebZ, but the problem is that clonedvd asks for 8,5Gb on my harddisk complainin I have only 6Gb, so I think it writes the movie “as it is” withotu compression.


No, the ISO should have the exact size of the destination disc.

arhh you are so right!
For some reason my thinking was so wrong

i’m not sure about this, but when you make an iso from a disc, i think clonedvd makes “dvd files” from the disc and then makes an iso from the “dvd files,” which would require more than 4.7gb of hard drive space even when the resulting iso is going to be 4.7gb. but, again, i’m not sure about that.

You are spot on, mate. Notice down the bottom right section of the ISO selection window there is an option for “Temporary directory to write files”. This is where CloneDVD puts its VOB, IFO & BUP files first. Then it uses these to create an ISO. If you have the option to “Delete temporary video files after writing” enabled, then these files will be deleted, but not before having needed around 8.5Gb to put both DVD files & ISO file.

You can write the DVD files directly to your writer using CloneDVD without having to make an ISO image. You will then only need 4.7GB of free space.

I think you will find that is not the preferred method.
And if you want to make more than one copy you’ll have to go through the whole process all over again, instead of just burning the ISO again.
It’s easy to lose track of your ISO and output directories if you have multiple drives and it easy to get confused between destination directories for DVD files and ISOs when freeing up space.
Also you may have to empty your recycle bin often.

Actually when you have written the DVD files directly to disc with CloneDVD it will do it again, and again, and again! There is no benefit of keeping an ISO file or the DVD files, They are the same size!

You only need to create an ISO image if you want to burn with a different software but CloneDVD2 does a perfect job from the DVD files so why bother?

Not quite true - CloneDVD can’t change the volume label after the ISO is written (a task which DVD Decrypter does quite nicely). Also, some (including myself) may wish to burn the disc at a later time/date.

That’s why you can burn the DVD files with CloneDVD without creating an ISO first… again and again … and you can change the the Volume Name as well…

As I said, though, some may wish to burn discs at a later time/date.

Also, Clone is limited in its length of allowable volume label - Decrypter can be used to fix this afterwards.

Yes, you can write the files at a later time… I don’t get your point. And I am amazed, that CloneDVD restricts the length of the Volume label…???

You can keep DVD files–i.e., the BUP, IFO, and VOB files–on your hard drive just like you keep an iso on your hard drive. Iso provides no advantage in terms of storage for later burns.

First of all, I’ll qualify what I said by saying I prefer to use Decrypter for my burns, so I need to create an ISO. The reason is that about 6-12 months back, I used Clone sometimes for burning, but anytime I selected 4x burn speed, it still took 30mins.

About the restriction, I can’t give exact lengths, but several examples are “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Special Extended DVD Edition)”, as well as the second movie of the trilogy. When I opened the ISO to burn with Decrypter, the last few words in the title had been cut off from the label. I was able to use Decrypter’s tool to amend the label back to its full length. Is this enough explanation?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe Clone, Decrypter & Shrink all have their place & I LOVE all 3, so don’t take it as personal criticism, Olli, you & the team have done a wonderful job - keep up the good work.