ISO image with BlindRead



I made an ISO with BlindRead and i dont know
how to write it on cd.
Can i use Nero or WinOncd and how???


You should be able to burn it with any program that support *.iso files… WinOnCD should do that.If you Use Nero don’t forget to set the sector size to 2352.


Use CDRWin, because ISOBuster even creates the cue file for you.


I have create two files with BlindRead 3.
A big file with the .ISO extension and a small file with the .CUE extension.
I dont know how to burn that files in a cd??
I have Nero and WinOncd as software.
Can anyone please tell me (step by step if is possible) what can i do??
I know is a stupit question, forgive me, am new with burning cds
Please help me.


Download CDRWin from the website
Select the option, “Record Disc”
Select Load Cuesheet
find the .cue file blindread created
then burn your disc.
In DEMO mode it will only burn at single speed.
Any prolems, mail me.


Thanx a lot skelly


Pleasure, glad to help mate.