ISO image of DL media. Is it okay to do this?

Hi. I have a couple of DL Ridata D01 media with some important data (about 7.8GB). However, this media is unreadable on most drives. My friend can lend me his NEC 3520a drive (FW:1.04, stock) and I am planning to back up the data on Verbatim DL media. Can I make an ISO image of the Ridata disc using a drive that reads it well and burn the image on to the new media using Nero? Is it okay to make an ISO image or should I use some other format? Thanks.

I would say it would be ok. Just use DVD Decrypter instead. Once its loaded, read and write the disk in “ISO mode”.


OMG!! I didn’t know DVD Decrypter could burn DVDs too!! This is awesome. Does this gurantee 100% exact copies? Thanks.

It will gaurantee you a 100% copy of the ISO that you created.

I’ll refrain from all un-friendly messages in this post.

P.S. Look at the name of the program.

I’ve done 3 backups on verbatim DL media and they all worked perfect.I used dvd decrypter.Read/Write ISO. :slight_smile:

Okay. Thanks a lot folks.