Iso image, mds file, mac dvd-r...what to do

i have a file i want to burn. and each time i burn it on my mac i end up with a coaster. i use disk utility to burn the iso but the dvd doesn’t read on any computer or player. do i have to use a pc? or is there a mac program to burn it? any help would be appreciated.

I have a Mac and have to use TOAST in order to get it to work. So, I just use IMGBURN on the PC, which is free, and it works great.

Sometimes the Mac is just not as quick and simple as the Windows systems I’m used to.

so it’s not the image file that’s corrupt then? that’s good to know. unfortunately i don’t have a dvd burner at my home pc. i can’t seem to find a trial version of toast, do they even have one? btw, thanks for the reply

I’m not sure if it is the file that is corrupt or not, but I do know I have had trouble with the built in imaging/burning stuff. Toast was the only way I could seem to re-format DVD-RW disks for example (maybe I’m dense, but it never works with the strict OS stuff for me).

I sort of gave up and just copied the files over to my Windows machine and used ImgBurn. It was easier and just worked, so I have stuck with it.

thanks, i’ll try to use my roommates pc.

sweett it works. now if only i didn’t have problems with my ati dvd decoder. it won’t play on the stand alone dvd player either. lol. i’m just sol

Glad it worked. Good luck on the ATI thing.

what program do you use to rip the dvd into a mpeg? also how to i make a vcd out of it?

I usually use DVD Decrypter and/or DVD Shrink, sometimes with the DVD43 driver loaded when there are new protections.

I never do make VCD’s - just standard DVD’s, so I am not able to help there, sorry.