ISO image creation

Hi guys ,

This is new to me so I have stuck the question here…(I have searched the forum for a couple of days but I am getting sore eyes)

Have been backing up movies for a while using Clonedvd any dvd and alcohol.
They are a great combination !

I would like to try a new program called IMGBURN to see how it copes with dual layers to compare it with the others. It apparently burns ISO files but not TS VOB’s which are the images from Clone.

Question. How do create an ISO image from one of my original movies so that I can try out imgburn. ? ( I can’t even find any ISO files !)

Even a link would be appreciated…


In CloneDVD when you get to the output screen , select ISO/UDF image. Give it a sensible name & volume label/title & go. Then use ImgBurn to burn the image.

Thanks TimC…

I knew it was easy just didn’t know where to look …how could I have missed that !! LOL… I’ll let you know how it performs…