Iso help

I have the game World in Conflict but i do not have the DVD I only have a .mdf file of the game. So first thing i do is download PowerISO “the trial version”, then i use that to extract all of the files for the games into a folder. Then since it is the free version i can not make that into an iso so i then download Free ISO Creator to make the image. when i got done with that i have an image of the DVD. I then mount it using PowerISO and it starts up beautifully asking if i would like to install the game. I install it then attempt to play the game but the game then asks me for the DVD. I have used the same method in other games and have succeeded but this and a few other games do not work. could someone please hell me with this problem.

thanks in advance to your help.

We can only help with content you clearly own. That doesn’t seem to be the case here. Please read the rules of the forum regarding copyright protected materials.

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