ISO Help



I have been reading and looking at other peoples post who use the ISO image since powerdvd will not play Ripped Blu ray discs from hard drive. I have used Imgburn to create the ISO and then i use MagicDisc to then mount the ISO to a virtual drive. Unless i am using the wrong program or should use another. BUt even after i mount the ISO whether i use ImgBurn or AnyDVD to create an ISO powerdvd still says it is an unsupported format any thing i am doing wrong? any help would be great.


Try using AnyDVD HD to rip and create the ISO on the hard drive. Then mount the image in Slysoft’s free virtual drive program, VirtualClone Drive.

See if that helps.

I don’t have any problems, but I use the last version of PowerDVD 7 that still supported playback from files, and refuse to “upgrade”. Using AnyDVD in the background, I haven’t had to so far.


Actually that is what it was and that worked. CloneVirtual Drive fixed the issue. and i did not use AnyDVD. ImgBurn created the ISO and the virtual does successfully upload it i will do another run of it to see if it continues to work. Thanks for the tip. I will pass this along if someone needs it.