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I downloaded an ISO file that I wanted to burn onto a CD…so I downloaded ISO Recorder and using that, copied the image to the CD. Now Im stuck, how can I burn the files to a cd-r and make it bootable?

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I assume, you got some Linux CD or similar. Normally there are instructions given, how to burn a disc from that image file.
Most convenient tool for burning images to a disc is ImgBurn.



And noo… I have an iso file of a program that I’ve been trying to burn onto a cd-r and make it bootable, so I used ISO Recorder. And about ImgBurn, will it allow me to burn the iso file onto a cd-r and make it bootable?

What is the exact contents of that ISO file? Are you sure that it contains all needed information to be made bootable?

Its a XP upgrade, to replace my lost XP disk… so it should be bootable. But its in ISO format and I wanted to burn it onto a cd to boot my comp from, but thats where Im having problems.

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Sorry but that’s clearly not a legal download. Please read the rules again about this kind of thing.

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