ISO help with new dvd-rom drive and clonedvd2

I have just purchased a new dell dimesion e520 with a hitachi lg DT-ST dvd-rom drive. i am able to back up my dvds with the anydvd + clonedvd combo when i use my external sony dru830 dvd-ram as the source and burn with the samsung dvd burner.

However if i try to use the LG hitachi drive when i open clonedvd and select the drive to open the disc a message pops up saying

this disc is copyprotected

clonedvd is not for use with copy-protected discs

for now i can use the other two drives but i would like to hook the sony back up to my notebook


thanks in advance

Ercdmb -

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To prevent any confusion state the Name and Version Number of the software programs you are using.

When using your Hitachi LG DT-ST DVD-Rom as the “Reading” source drive have you ensured that you have the AnyDVD software program activated and have selected your Hitachi LG DT-ST DVD-Rom as the “Source” drive?