Iso format



hi…im a new member here…i had quite problem here…help me figure it out…i already had a iso file that the volume is 5GB that i get into u-torrent. its was a pes2010 file. my problem is how to converted that iso 5GB format into a format that can computer install it directly…i mean its dont need to burn into the DVD. my second quest is the 5GB iso file can been dismember into a pieces of file that we can burn it into 4.7GB DVD?? im so sorry because my english is very poor…hope someone can help me out of this problem…thanks


First off would be to purchase the game from a retailer that sells the Konami game.


have or haven’t other way from purchasing that konami game??i realy had no money…


Either buy the game or don’t play it. Everything else is considered piracy and these discussions are not allowed here.

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