Iso files

I am running windows xp and i have dvd shrink and intervideo dvd,also sonic record now.
Can anyone tell me why my iso files have changed as i can’t import or record any movie files now on to disk.
Is there a way that u can change things back to original iso files ??
I have tried to restore the computor back to a predetermined date and also clicked on properties to change type but nout works.??:o Can any one please help. ??

Are they still showing as iso files? Of the programs you mention, which one/s did you use to create the files? Which program are you using to “import” the files? You can try a CD/DVD rom emulator like Daemon Tools Lite or Virtual Clone Drive to see if you can mount the image files.

[QUOTE=bumble1;2229288]I have tried to restore the computor back to a predetermined[/QUOTE]

Restoring your PC to an earlier date doesn’t affect your personal files.
You can also check to make sure that they have not become read only files.
Properties>General>Make sure “read only” is not checked.

If you can import them back to DVD Shrink and they look OK there, than try ImgBurn to burn .iso file to disc.
Restoring will do nothing to your files.