*.ISO files



Just wondering if someone could tell me what programs there are out there that will burn *.ISO files. I think Easy CD Creator does, but are there any others? Thanks!


Discjuggler also does the job for *.ISO files


And of course, CDRWin.




And FireBurner :wink: I believe we’ve now mentioned all of them :slight_smile:


mabye winoncd pe, it comes with the plex writter


I normally use cdrwin for it and to do it just click on the icon “File backup and tools”(the icon with the screwdriver)

then at Backup/Tool operation chooche “record an iso 9660 image file”

At “Image filename” you put there your iso file

And don’t forget to confirm “finalize/close session” and the other setting you can choose yourself.

Think this helps you a bit further.


Try using Fireburner V1.06

Excellent for burning isoz…

Takes less than a MB of HD space…



You can use ISObuster to unpack a ISO!!
All ISO types R supported!! (Nero, CCD, CDRwin, Fireburner, … )
Then U can write the files that come out of it! Very handy!