ISO files to a CD or DVD

I have read someof the other threads but have no solution for my problem which i hope someone can help me with. I have nero, i have iso files i wish to burn to a CD or DVD and play either on my computer or in my car. trouble is i cannot seem to burn them corretly. what are the steps for doing this on Nero? any help is appreciated

Start Nero and close any ‘wizards’ that may open for you. Select File->Open and browse to your ISO file. When the ‘Burn Compilation’ box appears be sure to select ‘Finalize’, set your speed and click the ‘Burn’ button.

The above was from Nero version 6.


RM, thanks for the quick reply. I did what you asked. I have 6 and went to
"open saved project or disc image" then chose the iso file i wanted. it went to the compilation page but i didnt see the finalize option. i burned it to a DVD and i have the folders on the disc. what i am trying to accomplish is to play the information which is a foreign language program. A “how to…” type and use it in my car. is there somehting i am missing in the process? All that i have now is folders on a dvd. do i need to use a CD? when i started it, nero said that i am using the wrong media for the project.

thanks again

The important question is what type of files does your car player support? Some only play normal ‘audio’ CDs. Some will play CDs with MP3s on them. It is also important to know if your car player can even read a DVD disc or just CD disc.

Without knowing the above it would be very hard to help.