ISO Files On CD-R?

I need to know if i can take some ISO files of an application i downloaded, And burn them to cd-r for backup. Can i do this, Or do i need to use DVD , Or what? Any tips would be grand.

Some ISO file sizes would help us to answer your question.

You can burn the right size ISO files to CD or DVD with ImgBurn.

I have three files, Each aproximately 650MB in size. Also, I use Nero burning suite 6, But haven’t really done much with it yet. Would Nero work, And what type of media?

Nero will burn ISO’s just fine. But I’m with imkidd57 in that I like ImgBurn for this process.

If each of your ISO files is 650mb, you should be able to burn to 3 regular cdr disks of 700mb capacity. I have been using Taiyo Yuden 48x cdr media for several years with absolutely no complaints if you want a recommendation on brand or manufacturer.

Yes i too use Taiyo Yuden. That’s good news because i have like 117 of these CD-R’s! Thanks :slight_smile: