ISO files - how to view on my hard drive? help?

hi everyone - i am a complete newb at this. I was able to configure shrink to write to ISO files as a 4.3GB in case i ever want to burn to a CD. I also have downloaded dvd decrypter and most likely will burn some of my DVD’s later…

however for now, I want to be able to view the DVD ISO files. Is that possible? Someone suggest daemon tools and i installe dthat and can now mount the file as a ‘drive’. However, it’s still an ISO.

any suggestions? Thanks in advance!!

I know a way but it’s very barebones and doesn’t offer navigation features, using Shrink’s viewer.

  • In Shrink, select “open disc image” (menu file) and browse to your ISO
  • Wait for the analysis to be completed
  • Select the title you want to view (generally in the “main movie” folder)
  • Hit “play”
  • Double-click the preview window to set it fullscreeen (another double-click will restore it to normal size again).

Sure there must be some other way to view DVD-video ISOs, but that’s the only one I know. :confused:

It’s so easy. Get Daemon Tools (free), which is a virtual drive emulator, install it & then mount your iso file on the virtual drive created just as though you’d burned it to a DVD & inserted it into your DVD-ROM.
The play it with WinDVD, PowerDVD etc.

So the WinDVD or Power DVD or any DVD player will be able to just read the ISO as if its just a drive?

Thank you.

If the ISO is mounted via Daemon Tools it will essentially be a virtual DVD. If the ISO is a movie you can load it up in your PC DVD player program. If it’s a data ISO you can copy files from it just like it was loaded in actual DVD drive.