ISO file without MDS file

If I have an .iso image file from a dual-layer dvd and do not have an mds file with it, will the layerbreak still be at the same place as the original dvd I’m backing up or will DVDDecrypter (I use this program for burning) find a suitable place on its own ? Or do you only need the mds file if there’s 2 iso files instead of 1 ?

You can’t burn 2 ISOs on the one DVD. Use ImgBurn to make an MDS (see the tools menu) and burn the MDS.


I’ve heard that if you use FAT32 you have to have 2 files because of the 4 gig limit and an MDS file to ensure correct burning of a DL disc, but that was not really my question. My question is : If you have only 1 ISO file created from a DL movie and you do not have an MDS file (I’ve heard that the info about the layer break is in the MDS file), will the layer break on the burned DL disc be the same as on the original or do you need the MDS file to get a “correct” layer break ?