Iso file too big

hello, I want to burn an iso file but it’s too big to fit on a DVD :doh:
Can anyone tell me what to do?

in shrink under file click open disc image then shrink again ( change the name or shrink to another HD)

hey night thx for ur help but it gave me this
’DVD shrink encountered a problem and can not continue
invalid UDF filesystem’

It may be a fault of the software that was used to make the ISO in the first place, and several things could be wrong:

[li] No ‘AUDIO_TS’ folder present in the image (ie ‘VIDEO_TS’ only)[/li][li] Incorrect sorting of the DVD-Video fileset because of lower-case characters[/li][li] Padding may be needed between the files.[/li][/ul]Probably you need to mount the ISO image and copy the folder(s) to a different directory and correct the first two problems if they’re present. These folders should be accessible with DVD Shrink after that.

If not, then you’ll have to use ImgBurn to burn a new ISO image from the folders (using the ‘Build’ mode). If you corrected the first two points above, then ImgBurn should sort out the padding.

I don’t think there should be ‘AUDIO_TS’ folder, it’s a game not a movie. I wonder what did all the people that downloaded this torrent do

I seriously doubt that this is a legal download, so the thread is closed. PM me if there are no copyright issues with the material.