ISO file stays ISO after burning. Please help

Hello everyone:

Please tell me what’s going on here:

I have an ISO file, I burn it to a CD using Alcohol 120%. I open my freshly burnt CD and I see that it’s still ISO file :confused: .
I did it twice and 2 times I saw the same result. That never happened to me before and I burnt more than 50 CDs…

Thank you for your help :flower:

Welcome to CDF! :slight_smile:

Have you tried burning the ISO with Nero?

I suppose you use “Image Burning Wizard”? (When using Alcohol 120%)

Thank you!
Third CD burnt with Nero went to a garbage can BUT we discovered what was wrong! :smiley:
We had to copy an ISO file from CD and burn it again.
The most retarded way of storing 2 files I’ve ever seen, but hey, it worked at the end, so I’m happy. People who created original ISO should’ve used zip or rar.

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Good work. I would never thought of that!

Aha! Yeah, I’ve only ever burned a couple of ISOs, but each time I’ve copied them to my HDD first.