ISO File Qs



Why is there an option to convert a movie to iso files? What are the benefits of this? Can you burn a DVD movie to disc using the ISO file as the source?


Yes Ron you can use an ISO Image file as the source


^ Indeed and many people, including me, prefer to use a dedicated .iso burning tool such as ImgBurn for burning after the decrypting and transcoding programs have done their job.


Hi philamber
Nice to see you agree about the source :bow:


Thank you both. I’m a little slow to catch on to things since my heart attacks and old age. I have a lot of trouble understanding programs like Nero, Shrink and computers in general. May play around with ImgBurn a bit and see.
I really love Fab and its ease of use. I feel so dumb sometimes but you all are so understanding. Wel, I usually go for the popcorn when it gets to the mushy stuff.


Also you can mount the file on a virtual drive and play it just like an optical drive,for watching or working with the file.(nero image drive works great)