Iso File Problems

I have a single layer dvd I wanted to back up. I extracted with DVD Descryptor to an ISO file. Then burned. There was a problem with between Chapter 16 and 17 freezing. I then made a new ISO with DVD Shrink and same thing. Finally, I used DVD Shrink to extract and burn at the same time, NO ISO and the copy is flawless.

What causes some ISO’s not to work?


It is probably due to a bad burn or a few bad discs, not the ISO files themselves.
Skipping/freezing near the end of a video disc is usually a common issue with poor media.
What discs are you using?

Verbatim. I tried some other media too. That ISO file did the same thing on all media so I assume it was the file. When I burn from files it’s fine.

Could also be some bad/failing sectors on your harddisk that the ISO is using…
If you can create the ISO again on a different part of your drive (or a different drive) and burn again.