ISO file issues



Hello Fellow Freaks;

If anyone can recommend a solution for this issue I’m experiencing, I would much appreciate it. I downloaded a movie torrent. The files were rar files which I then converted to an ISO image. When attempting to burn the ISO with ImgBurn to dvd-r, the image size is 4,500 MB and the disc space only allows 4,489 MB. I tried to use DVD shrink to compress the ISO, but I get an “Invalid DVD navigation structure” message. Is this related to a “copyright” lock within the ISO? DVD decrypter won’t resolve this either. Is there another way to compress the ISO for a single layer DVD and or use an “overburn” feature since the MB size is so close?

Thank You in advance for your assistance!


Unfortunately this sounds like a copyright protected movie that has been poorly decrypted and placed on the torrents. Some torrents are legal downloads, many are not. And this one slips past the “benefit of a doubt” we give to our forum members.

The rules of the forum do not allow us to help with copyright protected material when the poster does not own a legal copy.

I am therefore closing this thread. If you wish to dispute this, and can show legal ownership, please feel free to send me a pm.