Iso file doesn't fit



First Post… all out newb…

I’m probably breaking about 5 rules already, but i have a question.

i’m using iso-recorder, and i am trying to write an xbox iso to a dvd rw.

first off it is reading it (the iso) as a dvd… is this normal?

second the file is to big; can i continue with it leaving part off, or would that totally mess the game up?

is there a better recorder on the net?

anything would help thx


Starting off by admitting you are probably breaking the rules isn’t a good start. May we ask where you got this Xbox game ISO?


Just use ImgBurn to burn the image to a DVD.


No, use the software you have created that iso with to burn it to dvd.


You need a program called xISO to make a XBox ISO

Yes it looks like a DVD

Some times you can make the ISO smaller by removing XBOX Online Directory and Down sampling Movies or removing it from the game.

Yes it’s called [B]xISO [/B] and once you made the ISO with it you can use Nero,ImgBurn or any other Burning program to burn your xBox ISO onto a DVD

Hahahahaha very funny! The software used to create XBox ISO can only make it, it has No burning functions and have to use another software to burn it onto a DVD. :slight_smile:


And? I’d like to hear where this ISO came from…
The OP most obviously has no idea about ISOs anyway, so the source were illegal, obviously. :bigsmile:



Think I’ll close this one, and let Mr B have the last word…