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Great FAQ by Paus with everything you need to know about iso’s.

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“While extracting, make sure you select “process all volumes from current” so the .cue file will also be extracted”. I’m sorry, but I can’t seem to find this option with winRar 2.8, any ideas? Thanks

It isnt nessesary to select this method, because winrar 2.8 does this automaticaly. If you cant find the cue file, try opening the last volume and manually extracting it.

Using cdrwin i have burnt my iso after extracting the bin and cue correctly, but for some weird reason, no files show up on the disc even though it reads a size of 480mb. I am sure all of the files are working, because i can see them when i use isobuster… It just wont burn! Has anyone seen this problem before?

I’ve had it before with nero. The image type wasn’t correctly stored in the .nrg file. Maybe this is the same problem. I’d say just extract it with isobuster or winimage

sp1 - I had the same problem with cdrwin and it drove me up the wall. I found a posting somewhere that cdrwin has a very good (or annoying) copyprotection built in. If the program is not cracked the right way it still allows you to burn cd’s but basically turns them into costers. I would recommend you look around on the web for the right crack/key.

Gotta Quick Question. DO you always have to extract the image before burnin’? Please help me out. I’m fixing burn some ISO (linux, xp and others). :slight_smile: Thanks!

Hi, I’m very new to this sort of stuff. Now you may laugh, but I dont have a CD writer. After reading your great FAQ there I’ve decided to download win xp pro and extract the iso onto a spare hard disk, and run it from there. WILL THIS WORK? :confused:

I’m really ignorant about all of this, but are you supposed to burn the .bin and .cue files to a cdr? I don’t know how run the .bin file. Basically, how do you run an .iso, and more specifically, a .bin file? :c

Can anyone tell me how to burn .cue and .bin files to a hard disk? Thanks!! :wink:

Please help… I recently found an rar file containing only an iso file and a small txt file, how do i turn these into cue and bin files? :c

I have Easy CD Creator 4. If I right click the ISO I’m given the option to “Record to CD”. Will that method extract files properly to CD?:*

I have a serious problem: burning an image for CDRWin isn’t as bugfree and easy as described here… I loaded the cuesheet and CDRWin loaed the files needed… teh burning then started and later the CD was done… but with no content… the only thing I see is the laben (Cd) and when viewing the content of the disc, nothing is shown… Is there a special setting to be made within CDRWin? I didn’t figure out yet and I am really p**** off with that crap since it costs me too many CD-R’s to experiment with I use IsoBuster to extract the content and use an usual program to burn… and THIS ALWAYS works for me! Maybe CDRWin should describe the steps to do, to create a WORKING CD and not only a CD with one large track and nothing on… :r

Reaction by kpx82 on Friday 7 September 2001 Gotta Quick Question. DO you always have to extract the image before burnin’? Please help me out. I’m fixing burn some ISO (linux, xp and others). Thanks! --And the quick answer (a year and a half later :4), is no, you don’t.

AnyDVD code

Just trying to understand why all the negative responses (thumbnails). YOur thoughts would be appreciated.

Does this mean I don’t have to have an HD burner to burn any DVD HD movies ? Also Do I need to burn these HD movies on - R formatted Discs ? I noticed DVD HD players do not support + R Discs. Thank you !!

This is the best version yet . :wink:

Can’t imagine doing without it. Invaluable for simplifying all things Blu-Ray related. As always, my thanks to the Wizards at Slysoft. :X :wink:

Nice programm,but i buy it a few years ago.It was very cheap because the dollar was cheaper than the euro.