:confused: I downloaded Windows 2000 Professional this-is-serial-and-not-allowed-here.iso.exe using morpheus and want to know can I install 2000 on a partition for dual boot to try it out.
The file is 369,578 kb

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Posting of serials is not allowed, not even as a filename.

When you have an iso you can burn it onto CD.
When the CD is correctly copied and thus bootable, you can boot from this Win2000 CD-ROM.

Windows2000 setup will allow you to make a multiboot system.

I’d suggest using the search function to see what others had to say about it. It might help you get answers to questions that arise after my reply sooner than asking them straight away here :wink:

Is this a valid cd image file and what software would you suggest burning the file to cd with?

I asume you have to rename it to *.iso
Then you can burn it with a variety of software.

Easy CD Creator or Nero…
You can use the search to find out how.