Iso.exe to .iso

go to windows explorer, then click on Tools at the top, go down to Folder Options, then click on View tab, scroll down and UNCHECK the box that says “hide file extensions for known file types”, click OK, go back to your iso file, right click->rename, then delete the extension .exe replace with .iso. (PS: renaming extension does not work all the time, but u can try)

this fix does work it lets your rename the iso.exe, to just the iso,

plus you can use these file managers to rename it ( wincommander, norton comander,or directory-opus):bow:

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renaming a file ? tag it and press F2

I think this is a reply to an illegal thread that has dissapeared mysteriusly from the board.

I’d do what ROGUESPECTRE said first, otherwise if you just select the file click on rename and change the file format alls that will change is the name of the file and not the file extension. You can then change the file extension once you’ve done what ROGUESPECTRE said.


I Have Limited Capabilities, Thanx, tag it+F2?, does that work, and illegal thread? soz if i posted it if i wasnt supposed too, just tryin to help

Cheers ROGUESPECTRE “Lee”:eek:

an .iso.exe file may also be a self extracting archive and then rougespectre’s method won’t work. But it’s really easy to test just doubbleklick the .iso.exe file and if it starts you’ve got an archive.

double clicking the iso.exe wont work, already tried that method, thats why i posted the other method about goin through explorer, double clickin the iso.exe with bring up the dos prompt box, which quickly disapears off ya screen leaving you with nothing…!

if it opens a dos box it’s probably a self extractor but since it dissapears there could be some error try running it from the command promt to see if there’s an error message or try opening it with some different archive utilities like winzip, winrar, winace and so on

If you rename it to ‘.iso’ and it still isn’t being recognized then you either probaly have a corupted ISO file. If a file is assigned the extension of EXE and it doesn’t have a call the your computers API (what creates the standard window) or it’s own API then it always opens a console (thats fancy for the pseudo DOS window that you can use from within the windows system. If you mess with the DOS prompt and restart in DOS you will notice that they work differently) If it isn’t a valid program windows ignores all the binary code included because it thinks it is nothing. WHen it reaching the end, normally less than a second of actual time, it quits.

Now, I have seen mention about using some command in easy CD Creator to create ISO on an ‘iso.exe’ but I belive that was to correct a problem with what the ISO said the block size should be and that doesn’t apply here.