ISO editors: PowerISO vs MagicISO vs UltraISO

I’m trying to decide which is the best one to use as well as in terms of features. I like the in-built drive mounting but i think thats in all of them. I tried PowerISO but lately its been unable to burn and just messes with my burner (makes my PC think its a cd-rom even though the program worked fine b4 and the drive is a sony dru830a) until i restart my pc. I know its PowerISO at fault because IMGBurn works fine on the drive, not to mention its brand new.

But that problem aside - which is the best? PowerISO, MagicISO or UltraISO?


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Wow, i had no idea how popular this topic would be >.<

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I use UltraISO and am very happy with it. I have only tried the other two programs very briefly, and I have no real opinion about them.

hehe, yeh i want to know about them too.

I have all three installed and UltraISO works best for me although there are certain features that the other two do better. PowerISO is definitely the least powerful of all three but it supports DAA format (compressed images) and has a very nice simple and clean interface which I like.

Between MagicISO and UltraISO I’d choose UltraISO although MagicISO can make multiboot images (so can Ultra but needs an extension application called Easyboot which is not really a part of UltraISO but a standalone app).
I’m used to ultraISO somehow, I like its interface more

Ok, i decided i prefer ultraiso. It simply has the most features. However i prefer the initial interface of magiciso (although the sub-windows look stupid).
Ultraiso doesn’t seem to integrate well with either the Luna or Royale theme. Actually, it looks like it belongs on a MAC lol.

I have been using MagicISO and PowerISO for a long time, and I sincerely think that PowerISO is more practical than MagicISO.

MagicISO is a huge time Hog. Ever tried to mount an *.uif? It starts a lengthy uif verification every time you mount your file, which is totally unnecessary. PowerISO does not trouble you with *.daa verification, it just mounts your image.

Every time you make a slight change to your image file, MagicISO “recompiles” the whole thing, hence losing a lot of time. PowerISO on the other hand, spots the change and save only the change that occurs, in a snap. This gives PowerISO one edge over MagicISO.

Another thing, MagicISO does not have an in-built mount software. You have to download an addon called MagicDisc and install it.

I have seen portable PowerISO, and it was really handy to carry it around in my pendrive and use it without installation. But this isn’t a great deal, because portable PowerISO cannot mount images; it can only make images from folders and drives, just like a portable MagicISO (without magicdisc) could.

However, if you engage into complex image functions, like multiboot (which very few people out there might use), then you might consider ultraISO or magicISO. Notw however, PowerISO can make simple bootable images, like a linux bootable CD/DVD.

I hope my review helped you make a good choice.

Shailen Sobhee