ISO editing question

Hello all,
I am really new to video editing. I was wondering if there is any software someone could recommend me that I can edit an ISO file? I basically want to take parts of the ISO and create another ISO/DVD with the parts. Is this possible and is there any software that i could do this with? Thanks for any help i can get with this.


What is in the ISO? Is it a dvd movie?

You could mount the ISO in Daemon Tools and access it that way. If it is a movie, once you have it mounted in Daemon Tools you could cut out sections with any number of different programs. I might try DVDShrink in reauthor mode first. One of the Womble programs might work also.

It is an ISO of a music DVD(concert/other misc stuff/behind the scenes)

I want to try to pull out just the scenes of the actual concert and make a DVD of just that. Is this something i should use ISObuster, or Daemon tools? I have the ISO on my cpu now. Thanks for the input by the way. :slight_smile:

Then try DVDShrink.