ISO-DVD, UDF or UDF+ISO filesystem for burning DVD blanks?

For general backup and archiving MP3 with loooong names, which filesystem do you use with your burning software?

eg. do you use ISO DVD-ROM profile , or UDF, or UDF+ISO
should the file system should be ISO 9660+Joliet, or ISO:1999

I’ve always been using ISO DVD-ROM, with ISO9660 and Joliet … since the Windows 98x days … is UDF better now for long names and such?

For UDF, it asks you which UDF version you want to use as well
I read up on wiki regarding these standards, but they don’t seem to indicate which is better, as in more efficient

In general for data CDs I use ISO 9660 + Joliet and for data DVDs I use UDF 1.02 + ISO 9660 (or just UDF when writing files > 2 GB).

You can consider ISO 9660 as the default filesystem for CDs and UDF as the default filesystem for DVDs, and then add whatever other filesystem or extension you need or want, provided it’s compatible with your content.

ISO 9660:1999 is used for Windows installation discs, but is probably less compatible with older operating systems.

Yeah I think I’ll use UDF 1.02 … its readable by Win9X systems, and main benefits of UDF 1.5 and higher seems to be for rewritable discs only.

Question seems to have been asked here before but cdfreaks’s search won’t allow me to look for “UDF” as keyword, even though I tell it to look for that word in thread titles [B]only[/B]

Spent last evening trying to figure this out, haven’t found a single person using ISO 9660:1999 so yeah it may be dodgy re:compatibilities.

UDF is supposed to be a replacement for ISO discs and its been supported since Win9x so I’ll go with that.

Thanks for the reply, DrageMester