.ISO DVD Library Questions

Hey guys, I have a couple of questions about the best way to go about a project I’m looking into. I figured this would be the best bet for some advice.

So, thanks in advance. :bow:

I will be moving out of the US for about 9 months and would like to have my dvd library with me without the hassle of carrying the discs along. my intention is to put a 120-150 dvd library on an external HD. i plan to rip the .ISO file from the discs and mount them to a virtual drive for playback.

my first question is this: what program is recommended for mounting the .ISO images for playback? (daemon tools, alcohol120%, etc.)

secondly, is there a user friendly GUI/front end that can be used to attach a custom icon to the .ISO? (cover art)

Thanks, everyone for any recommendations or suggestions on this.


Play them in VLC and you won’t have to mount them. As to the cover art, I’d use Ant Movie Catalog (free) and write a small script to launch the movie in VLC. Ant has scripts that will get all sorts of info about a movie from the title.

thx, olyteddy. i will definetly look into VLC. any suggestions on an app to rip the dvd quickly?

additionally and admittedly; i am not a developer. so i may not be able to write a script for the Ant MC program. if its not a ridiculously huge PITA, could you elaborate on that process a bit?

primarily, the process of applying a custom icon to the ISO. does this require another app. like jpg2icon or something like that?

i think, i’d be able to set it up so all the .iso files launch through VLC.

thanks again

The reason I use Ant is it holds a lot of info like plot, actors, release date, etc. Pretty much anything you’d like to know about a movie. I don’t have a HD full of movies so I never looked into the scripting (except the pre written ones to gather info, print reports, etc) but the ‘language’ seems pretty simple. Ant also has a forum where people write and or trade scripts. There probably is one to launch VLC already.