Iso dummy



I have a problem. I have a small version of a Linux distro in iso format. If I burn the iso to a cd it boots fine. If I burn it to a dvd, nada. What am I doing wrong?



Maybe your pc isnt capable of booting from a dvd.


Are you using the same drive?

If not then you might have to switch your bootup sequence in BIOS.


I am using the same drive and, yes, this PC will boot from the cd/dvd drive.

AMD 2800+
ABIt NF7 mobo
1024 mb Twinmos ram
LG 4081b Super Multi Drive.
Maxtor 40gb hdd
WD 160 gb hdd


What software are you using to make the bootable DVD? With Nero Express if you choose your DVD burner in the drop down and go to ‘Data’ you have 2 choices, Data disc and Bootable Data disc.