ISO Creation

I’m having a problem with creating an ISO on the hardrive using NeroCom and C#.NET.

What i have to do is place a bunch of wav Files onto a DVD to be archived.
What i have my application doing is copying the files into a temp folder and than put them on an ISO using the image recorder. The copying goes fine. The creation of the disc works fine. But when i Call
BurnIsoAudioCD it creates a NRG file. When i mount the file onto a virtual drive all of the files are there but they have C_ in front of them and the size of the files are 0 KB.
Here’s a code sample. This is a test project that i threw together just trying to get the burning working. Can Anyone help me?

staticvoid Main(string[] args)

{Nero myNero;NeroDrives myNeroDrives;NeroDrive imageRecorder = null;NeroISOTrack myTrack;DateTime NameDate;NameDate = DateTime.Now;myNero = newNeroClass();myNeroDrives = myNero.GetDrives(NERO_MEDIA_TYPE.NERO_MEDIA_DVD_M_R);for (int i = 0; i < myNeroDrives.Count; i++){[INDENT]if (myNeroDrives.Item(i).DeviceName == "Image Recorder"){imageRecorder = (NeroDrive)myNeroDrives.Item(i);}}[/INDENT]

if (imageRecorder == null)[INDENT]Console.WriteLine("Image Recorder Not Found");myTrack = newNeroISOTrackClass();[/INDENT]

myNero.OnFileSelImage += new_INeroEvents_OnFileSelImageEventHandler(myNero_OnFileSelImage);imageRecorder.OnDoneBurn += new_INeroDriveEvents_OnDoneBurnEventHandler(imageRecorder_OnDoneBurn);imageRecorder.OnProgress += new_INeroDriveEvents_OnProgressEventHandler(imageRecorder_OnProgress);Console.WriteLine("Finished Copying Files");string[] files = Directory.GetFiles("C:\\Test\\");myTrack.Name = NameDate.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd");NeroFolder myFolder = newNeroFolderClass();foreach (string s in files){[INDENT]NeroFile myfile = newNeroFileClass();myfile.SourceFilePath = @"G:\Test\" + s;myfile.Name = s;myfile.EntryTime = DateTime.Now;myFolder.Files.Add(myfile);}[/INDENT]

myTrack.RootFolder = myFolder;myTrack.BurnOptions = (NERO_BURN_OPTIONS)((uint)NERO_BURN_OPTIONS.NERO_BURN_OPTION_CREATE_ISO_FS + (uint)NERO_BURN_OPTIONS.NERO_BURN_OPTION_USE_JOLIET);imageRecorder.BurnIsoAudioCD("asdf", "asdf", false, myTrack, null, null, (NERO_BURN_FLAGS) ((uint)addBurnFlags() | (uint) NERO_BURN_FLAGS.NERO_BURN_FLAG_SPEED_IN_KBS), 0, NERO_MEDIA_TYPE.NERO_MEDIA_DVD_ANY);do{} while (true);}