ISO creating software

I need some software that will let me create .ISO images. I have Norton Antivirus 2005 on disc. I copied all the files on the disc over to my hard drive. Can I create an iso from these files that I can burn to a CD so that it will run when I insert the disc?

I use CDRWin for this purpose - ‘File backup and tools’

LC ISO Creator creates ISO files from CD/DVD-ROM. download ( - 14 kB) @ SPANK ME !
or, Build ISO from files/folders with Nero Express

I find winiso gr8 for this :slight_smile:

winiso, ultraiso, magiciso, directiso, easyiso…there are so many :slight_smile:

So when I insert the burnt CD, it should automatically run the setup file?

The disc doesn’t run automatically when I insert the disc. What makes the disc run the setup file as soon as the disc is inserted?

you need to ave autorun.inf or something like that

please tell us EXACTLY what you are trying to accomplish in terms of END RESULT ? … sorry, but itz been a long night…

To make a cd autorun, if u like, u need an autorun create program, like autorun pro. U can achieve some nice results with autorun programs. :slight_smile:


You can use WinISO, UltraISO, or any burning app like Nero, Fireburner, burnatonce…etc… and thats all you need