ISO buster help



I need to replace a file in an iso using iso buster. But ISO buster can not modify image files, so what the heck am I suppoused to do? I would give you more info on what I am doind but I am sure it would some how be a violation of your TOS or something.

The directions for what I am doing specifically say use iso buster.

Here is the part of the directions that mess me up:
1. Replace 1 file in the i386 folder. Use (Isobuster).


Extract the cd or imagefile to your harddisk,and replace the folder…than burn the files…You need Isobuster for doing it,because this program keeps the exact structure and path as there was on the original cd…:wink:


Thank you. Thank you very much.:bow:


I know this is probobly a really stupid question.

but when I right click the cd there is more than one option for extracting , which one do I choose?

Then which program should I use to edit and burn? I have tried playing around with the options and I end up with files like .bin and .tao.


If you want to edit it by adding or replacing files, just extract the contents to a temp folder on your harddrive; then within the temp folder add or replace files as you wish; then burn the contents of the temp folder back to a cdr with a general burning program (e.g. nero, ezcd or cdmaker, each of which will allow you to set the cd label, if necessary).


I assume you want to make a bootable cd,so you better use Nero and a boot image,because when you extract a cd for modifying the files,the boot image is not in your extracted folder…burning such folder as normal datacd makes your cd unbootable…


Well WinISO will do the trick…but read the WinISO help file very carefully… there are two methods of using WinISO to make an image and only one of them will give you the required results.

you need to use the ‘ASPI’ option for making an image and not the ‘file’ option.