Iso burning

I have a psx iso in .iso format and I tried to burn it onto a CD but without success. Is there a way of doing this without having a .cue file?

Also I saw some psx isos on kazaa that were very small, around 20mb but the best I could do was more than 100mb. Is there any way to compress isos to such a small size? I have WinRar.

Well, I am not sure what to say as any ‘warez’ type questions are frowned upon, but, just for clarification.

Cue files go with bin files not ISO’s. You can check/convert/extract files from bins/iso’s, etc, using tools such as IsoBuster, WinISO, or just use Daemon tools to mount the image and check the contents out with explorer.

There are some ISO’s created (not games, as I am not into that as I do not have the time), that even IsoBuster or WinIso would not touch. Using Daemon tools to mount the image, I could copy the mpg file from the virtual image to HD and then convert that from .dat to .mpg (proper).

I am also of the mind that any such ‘dodgy’ ISO’s you are talking about are fakes - especially ones so small.

Illegal stuff means illegal question…

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