ISO burning mp3?

New here, just wanted to say Hi to everyone. My question is, is there anyway to get around alphabetization of the playlist when burning in ISO format. Are there any programs that let you make a playlist and burn it the way you created it without putting the cd in alphabetical order. I don’t want to go through and rename 100 mp3’s so they will play in the order I want them to. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks guys.

One such tool is MP3BR imager (trialware, $30 registration): A freeware alternative that is not nearly as convenient but still can do the job is Easy ISO by Dirk Paehl. You can get Easy ISO at Click the “English Programs” button on the left, and scroll about half-way down the resulting page. (I’d rather not link directly). It used to be available separately, but he now has it bundled together with XPBURN, so look for “XPBURN 1.01 & EASY ISO CREATOR 1.1”