ISO burned CD not the same as the original



Hi! I’ve got some problems with burning ISO audio images files.
I use IsoBuster to backup Audio CD as ISO image file on the hard disk drive.
Then, I burn this ISO image on CDR.
Then, I extract one song in *.wav file (always with IsoBuster) from original Audio CD and from the burned CDR.
The problem: when I do a comparaison (byte by byte with HexEditor) between the 2 *.wav files, the results are:
the 2 extracted *.wav files are not identical!!! :a It means that the burned CDR is not exactly the same from the original CD!! :rolleyes:

And what is astonished, it is when I extract the same song in a *.wav file on my HDD directly from the ISO image file (always with IsoBuster): the extracted wav file is exactly the same as the original extracted wav file.

It proves that when I burn the ISO image file on a CDR, the burner voluntary modifies the datas in order to make a “wrong” copy!! :rolleyes:

Somebody as a solution to my problem? Or an explanation? :bow:

And what is more astonished, is that the problem appears with certain audio CD (apparently not protected) ; with some other audio CD, there is no problem, the copy is perfect!


I have done another test:

Even if I burn the ISO CD Audio image under Linux (Mandrake Move), it is not the same image as the original!!

Conclusion: the problem is not software but is hardware, so it is the burner which is wrong!!
(I have a BenQ 1620)


This is probably just an issue with read/write offset; nothing to worry about.

What is important is that it sounds the same.