Iso backup vs dual layer writer

Hello everybody :slight_smile:

I’m a big science fiction fan.
i collect a lot of dvd boxes from the startrek universe.
But these are very expensive,
soo i’m planning in making a backup of these beauties.

i’m planning to do this with dvd decripter in ISO mode on my harddisk.

these dvd’s are dual layerd.

question :

next year there are comming dual layer writers on the market.
and i’m waiting to backup these dvd’s onto disk until i can write them on 2 layers.

i’m already want to start backing up my dvd’s.
but: if i use dvd decrypter in iso mode,
can i write a perfect copy in two layers with the dual layer writer?

or does i have to wait until there is a new version of dvd decriptor?
in other words, if i make an iso image now, does my writersoftware know wich part of the iso is the first layer and with part of the image is the second layer???

many thanks in advance.
the bean

first of all, does it matter if you make the image now because it doesnt take that long in the first place.

second i dont no how much more a dual-layer copier willl be than a regualr (im sure itll be more expensive) but y dont you just make an image using dvd shrink to make it smaller? and then just burn it nero or something. Dvd shrink is free and if you are talking about making an image im sure u already have a dvd burner; so y waist the money? anyway im sure if u search the forum you could find dvd shrink and a guide.

Good luck:bigsmile:

I asume the reason you want to do this is so you have an exact copy with no menus or extras removed from the dvd, am i right in thinking that? If the answer is yes then there is no problem really you can start ripping your collection as the burning software will sort that all out for you when one becomes available, or have you thought of spanning them over two dvd’s.

I am a dvd collector. I have searched through many dvd backup solutions. I have done from DVD croping to compression to splitting. Personally I do not like dvd croping. As a collector, i get very picky with my movie (sound and video quality). Same can be said about compression. A full dual layer disc is almost 2x the size of a single layer disc. Right now there is no program that can duplicate a dual layer movie onto a single layer disc with high quality. I have tried all versions of DVDXCOPY, DVDFAB, and many other free software without seeing any satify compression. I really don’t think there is or there will be great compression. Let’s be reallistic here, a 50% compression will kill the quality. There is probably no magic compression algorithm that could pull off a 50% lost.

Dual layer drive is gonna be very expensive (unless you are willing to wait for a year or 2 after its first release). Also, the media cost is going to make backing up almost as costly as purchasing a new copy. Unless you have a set of DVD that is irreplacable, or else, you will just be wasting money. Besides, there is no promise in how flexible this new consumer dual layer format is gonna be. It might require a new generation of dvd player that support it.

have u tried dvdshrink? my expierence with it has been really good and i dont think it loses much video quality if any.

Yes I have tried dvdshrink. In fact, it is the first one i tried since it is free. DVDshrink is not as compatible with standalone player. This is what i tried:

-dvdshrink the dvd
-burn it to a +RW and +R
-can’t play by my sony and panasonic standalone dvd player
-went to fry and try it out with other units, none work.

It could be just that one dvd that causes problem. However, I do have the time to do many tries. it takes 1.5 hrs per try. So far DVDXCOPY Platinum is the best solution for dvd collectors. It is worth the bucks. I have not yet found a DVD that fail on me.

This is how 321Studio stabilzed their DVDXCOPY. If you have a problem backing up the DVD, you submit a helpdesk ticket and they will get to seeing your problem. Once in a while, they come out with a patch that have all the fixes for incompatible movies and players. Also they have this TDF stuffs that other DVD collectors created. If some how DVDXCOPY platinum cannot backup the dvd automatically, one can look for that movie’s TDF on 321Studio’s forum and and use it to backup that movie.

Cool features and fast work time. 1hr for compress and burn.

what type of burner are u using, what type of cds, and when you used shrink, were u trying only one dvd to copy or a good selection? and last would the copies play on your pc dvd burner on your pc?