.iso acts as rar/zip-file?

I have a .iso file.

It can be extracted like a zip or rar file in winrar, but the files and dirs extracted cannot be used directly as the cd is also supposed to contain an image I guess.

I tried mounting the iso with deamon tools, but all that happends is that I see the strange files and dirs…no autorun there :slight_smile:

I have heard about this before and something tells me that there is a solution for this as to get this iso-file to work as a normal cd-image with (after burning it) autorun etc.

Any ideas what software should be used to succeed in this?

Thank you.

Whether autorun is there or works rather depends on what the image is of.

I think you should burn the ISO file directly to a CD - almost every program has the option to burn a iso file. Then when you insert the CD, if the reader device AutoRun is active, you will see the auto-run. It should work with Deamon Tools - in Windows Explorer, double-click on the Deamon Tools-created drive and select “AutoRun”, that should do the trick.

Good luck!