Iso 9660

we were given a CD and we loaded it onto our hard drive, with windowsxp,
when we try to open it with Ultra ISO, we get the following message
“ISO Volume 9660 Not Found”
What does it mean and is it a correctable error
if it is, how do we fix it

thanks, rockin :confused:

how exactly did you “loaded it onto” your HDD ? xp has no native create-iso function.

just copied it to a folder

If Windows allowed you to view and copy the CD then there must have been a file system of some type (on the CD that is). It may not have been ISO 9660 though.

If you used Windows to copy the contents of the CD to your hard drive, then it is not in the form of an ISO ‘image’ any longer so you should not be using Ultra ISO to do anything at all with it.

Maybe you could give more details of what you want to do and what the CD actually contained.

if not ISO Ultra, is there anything else I could try to open the file without getting the “ISO Volume 9660 Not Found”
what exactly does this message mean ?
thanks, rockin

have you tried burning the image with something like alcohol?

i’m not that familiar with alcohol, what are the steps involved
thanks, rockin

Please clearly explain how you got the contents off of the CD and onto your hard drive. If you used Windows XP Explorer, where on your hard drive did you put the file(s)? When you go to that location with XP Explorer, what exactly do you see (names and extensions of files)?