ISO 9660, UDF or a combination of the 2? Burning software

What is the appropriate file system format to use when burning my authored movie (VIDEO_TS file) to DVD? I’ve tested using Nero6 (Make Data DVD & Burn DVD-Video Files), DVDFAB Platinum (burnt straight to DVD & Write Data) and ImgBurn (Files/Folders to Disk) and have produced CDFS (ISO9660), UDF (ver 1.02?), a combination of those 2 (UDF+ISO), and RAW but not sure what the best app is to use as well as the file system format. All seem to play well in pc and standalone DVD devices.

I have read some things and been told some things (opinions/preferences) but would appreciate any knowledge on this. Thanks!

The standard requires an UDF Bridge format: UDF version 1.02 plus ISO 9660 Level 1.

ImgBurn will automatically suggest this combination if you try to burn a VIDEO_TS folder with different settings.

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Thanks for that info. That’s kind of what I started to see with my testing and reading.
Any preference/recommendations on burning app (ImgBurn, Nero, DVDFab Plat, other)? again thanks for taking the time to respond!

I have abandoned Nero and gone to ImgBurn personally, though I don’t do multisession burns anymore. ImgBurn is highly recommended for dual layer dvd backups by the way, since it will place the layer break correctly.

And I have been using ImgBurn lately for Blu ray and BD-9 burns using UDF 2.5.

ImgBurn is also a quick and easy way to make ISO files.

Any certain version of ImgBurn; is the current one past beta? Can I ask what authoring app you find to be superb? Thanks for your input!!

Current version of ImgBurn is and it is long, long past beta stage.

Authoring is a completely different subject. :slight_smile: Do you need a converter as well? My dvd authoring program of choice is DVDLab Pro, but it is purely an authoring program. It has no encoding capability at all.

Thanks again for the response. I tried backing up some movies a few years ago, even built a new tower for it, but got tired of all the info and apps out there. I had used DVDShrink in the past but now it is not working on some Disney movies I’m beginning to backup. So I stumbled upon DVDFab5 (free for only full DVD or main movie) which I have found to work very well. Comments, suggestions?
Since for now I’m just backing up the main movie to DVD (using DVDFab5 to HDD then burning to DVD+R with Nero, but will begin using ImgBurn), no compression is needed so I don’t know if there would be any difference between the app I use to encode/author or to burn. I was thinking of registering DVDFab5 to get everything in one app. Again, suggestions/comments definitely welcome and appreciated.

Nothing wrong with DVDFab as an all in one solution. You will have to pay periodic fees for updates.

You can still rip to the hard drive with the free section of Fab and compress with DVDShrink when necessary if you prefer a free option. There is even a version of DVDShrink that can use ImgBurn as the automatic burning engine…you just replace the executable file in C:\Program files\DVDShrink with the one you can find here: