ISO 9660 file size Help



I was woundering if anyone here could help me resove this Issue ?

I have an ISO file that contains multilingual versions of the same software. What I want to do is reduce the size of the ISO file by deleting all but one of the lenguages.

I performed this using UltraISO, evrything was delited fine, the software works fine. However the size of the ISO file did not change, It remeins the same size, there by, it ocupies the same space in a CD as well as in my HD.

Please help !


have you tried winiso as well?

//doesnt understand why on earth you would want to do this.


did u try saving the reduced iso as a new iso image?

i don’t really understand why u’d wanna do this either, since u’ll burn it onto a cd anyway. :confused:


thx for the comments.

I did try using WinISO and DirectISO, with the same ressults.

I also tried saving as…and got some errors.

Besides the reasson why i want to do it , is to save HD space. I also would like to be able to transport the software in a USB flash device.


tried just putting the files / folders you need in the same directory structure on the usb? just a guess.


Nop that didnt work…and in my opinion as long as the OS recognizes the file to larger than the Flash card it wont record it …at least that is what my OS did .

But I did solve the problem. I transfered the file into a linux box …and it did recognize the right size of the file …I dont know why or how …but i was able to store it in the USB flash device.

THX to 2 all