Iso_0, iso_1, iso_3, etc?

i used dvdfb gold and got 4 iso files that arent isos, they are iso_0 iso_1 iso_2 iso_3… what do I do with them? NO standard iso image burner will even open them or recognize them…

What is the file extensions? Also what program have you used? What do you mean no standard iso image burner?

Disc1.ISO_4 is one of the files… nero, deep burner, and some others will not burn the files… its liek they are useless. I used dvdfab gold… i have a million times and this time it got weird i guess

Try to open one with Winrar.

Have you tried to rename them to *.iso instead of the *.iso_4 that might be why the program doesn’t recognize them.

Sorry, just a guess - these files seem to be the result of a larger one’s split.
If that’s the case, you can burn them as they are now but to reconstitute the contents you have to put them back together to a global iso image, using the application that took them apart.
Check the definitions you did adopt for output, maybe you find there the reason for this and not just a regular iso image.