Isnt the newer FW supposed to change the DL from 2.4x to 4x?

Mines still at 2.4x, accorrding to a system info program Im running, it read the DL capabilities of the 1620 only at 2.4x still for dual layer. Answers? :Z

I ran DVD Identifier on my DW1620 with B7T9 firmware and a Verbatim DVD+R DL disc, and it correctly reported the media burn speed rating of 2.4x, but in both Nero and BenQ QScan 1.0, the 4x write speed is selectable.

This is a case of the DW1620 offering to burn DVD+R DL at a speed higher than the disc’s rating. The “system info program” you ran probably checked for the burn speed of the media (as in DVD Identifier), as opposed to the speed the DW1620 is capable of burning at.

I may be wrong, but I think the 4x burn speed is achievable only with Verbatim DVD+R DL media (MKM 001), and other DL brands such as Ritek are still at 2.4x. The only type of DL media I have is MKM 001…