Isn't Sony Wonderful?

Question: What did Sony put on the DVD Stealth?
I ripped the movie to my hard drive with DVDFab then Burned the backup of the main title with DVD Shrink. Backup plays fine.
There are now three problems with my computer.

  1. When I try to backup my data files to a cd I get an error message. (file; save as; D:) There was an error in the writing process. The disc you have attempted to write may no longer be usable. (Backs up with Nero just fine.)
  2. When I tried to get to THIS web site I was told by my computer that this web site was no longer available. Will As you can see I knew how to fix that.
  3. The problem with using Nero is two fold: A. Any data burned before using Nero as the burning software on the disc is unreadable. B. I get two news :confused: letters (emails) that I burn to a cd. Using Nero search does not show in the search window. So to burn these files with Nero the emails must be saved in another folder.
    Isn’t Sony wonderful? Nothing has changed on my computer except burning Stealth! Needless to say I am not impressed! Thank You BIG BROTHER

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