Isn't Nero anyhow limited/complex in comparison to others?


this post is definitely not meant to start flamewar of any kind about “this app is cool, that one crap” etc.

Today I read video codecs comparison tests on, and I wanted to give a try to Nero Recode 2.x, so I downloaded Nero package 2, which includes it along with NeroVision.

But - I am somehow disappointed with the lack of configurability it allows. What seemed to me as one-click app (Elby CloneDVD2) allows better means of configurability, or I must be missing something. And I hope I do, so please correct me if I am wrong …

There are mainly three options:

  1. Remake DVD - I can forget that one, I even don’t understand, what types of files I should use for that … I should probably mention, that for DVD grabbing I use DVDDecrypter.

  2. Recode main movie to DVD. Well, it offers me to import main movie. But there are two (Finding Nemo). So I import both … The first one is longer, as the movie starts with commentary. But I miss some simple delete button, there is only some strange “Start/End”. And also - DVDClone2 let’s me to check-in, if I want menu to be included, but I can’t see any such option with Recode …

  3. Recode entire DVD - well, three-view shows only one main movie, but the one I am not interested into! I want the one without the commentary, as it is shorter. It also uses some strange technique of offering me options to fill-in the space left after removal of certain scenes. That is something I don’t understand properly - I don’t want any custom images, etc., I want space to be used for main movie, to achieve better quality.

I tried to start Nero Burning Rom - there is too option to burn DVD, but I dunno if it would automatically encode to fit to 4,7GB DVD.

I am somehow confused - Nero package is so big and complex, yet there is plenty of stuff I really don’t need and there is no option to install just wanted components.

I wonder if I should stick with ElbyCloneDVD2 or Intervideo DVDCopy and the quality of recoding will be similar (unnoticable on TV), or it is worth to investigate Nero more, as Nero Recode will give me noticably better image quality?


The video codec comparison (which NeroDigital won) has nothing to do with the “Recode to DVD” possibilty of Recode…

If you have a properly licensed Nero you will have two additional options “Recode to NeroDigital”, and it’s those that were tested.

Aha, but NeroDigital is Mpeg4, so it is kind of making “divx” movie, so not really helpufull for backing up DVD9s to DVD5s?

I am still looking for the best tool for backing DVDs. It should provide balance between an easy of use and quality of output, plus I am not looking for tool which will need to run whole night to make things done :slight_smile:

I am deciding between IV DvdCopy3 and CloneDVD2 … or is there any other tool which is significantly better in output quality?

Aha, but NeroDigital is Mpeg4, so it is kind of making “divx” movie, so not really helpufull for backing up DVD9s to DVD5s?

Recode does an excellent job with DVD9 to DVD5. I suggest you try it (get the demo). Also try CloneDVD (from Slysoft). Use AnyDVD with both. You can also try DVDShrink for free.

The best app is the one that you like. I use Recode/AnyDVD. I use it because I already own Nero and I like the interface. It does as good as the others, not better, not worse.

i use CloneDVD2 and AnyDvD. I cant say i have had a prob. I recently switched to this set-up for the good quality and speed in backing up a DVD. It takes me about 25-35 mins to back up a dvd from start to finnish.

play around and find your perfect match.