Isn't it possible to backup DVDs with Easy CD 6 DVD Creator 6?

I have tried to backup a DVD with Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 on a DVD+RW with no sucess. It won’t play on my set-top player. It playes on my computer. I have tried different settings. Both UDF and joliet. No problems with Nero 5.5 and RecordNow Max 4.5. I need some help!

The problem most likely is 2 fold.

First encryption. You can only do the process you described with a non encrypted DVD. Since the vast majority of commercial DVD’s are encrypted, the result would not work. You have to decrypt the dvd using either DVDDecryptor or another decryption tool.

Size. Most DVD’s are also too large to copy straight across. You can sometimes strip all the menus and extras and then the movie alone will fit, or often, even that won’t work. In that case you will have to shrink the movie by running it through a re-encoding process, using a tool like DVD2One, Instant DVD, or even Rempeg, TMPGEnc or CCE.

Basically, the short answer is you can’t just copy like you mentioned. You will need to do some research and read some guides to figure it all out. Good luck, you have a lot of fun ahead of you!

DVDx copy by 321 Studios can copy exact duplicates of just about any DVD you would like to back up and with only a couple of clicks. It does however with most movies take a couple of discs because most DVD’s are dual layered, but it makes otherwise perfect copies. I’ve have yet to find a DVD that it can’t copy and I have a collection of over 100 to back up.

Easy CD & DVD Creator 6, Nero or RNM will NOT backup any normal Hollywood DVD. They can however write a DVDR from files on your HD.

If Easy CD & DVD Creator 6 follows the steps of its predecesors, then all I can wish you is best of luck. I hope you like a lot of Beer, Tea or Coffee as the coasters will be many.

try to burn whit RecordNow or Nero is the better choise now…
good luck