Isn't CloneCD supposed to burn DVDs?

I thought I would try CloneCD (I already have CloneDVd) since I read that it makes a 1:1 bit perfect copy of a DVD and preserves the layer break.

My first try was to clone a SL DVD to a DVD+RW.

It seemed to complete successfully but my DVD player failed to read it.

Everything always worked perfectly with CloneDVD.

What did I do wrong?

[QUOTE=alan1476;2077263]- Fix: Version was broken, it could not write to DVD media at all.

I already purchased CloneDVD and AnyDVD.

So I thought I would try CloneCD since it is supposed to make 1:1 bit perfect copies of DVDs. So I downloaded it a short while ago.

Well there was no mention of the word DVD in any menus of CloneCD.

But I went through the process of copying and burning anyway using “CopyCD”.

It appeared to complete successfully but the burned DVD+RW was not recognized by my DVD player.

Please explain what I did wrong. There was very little info on the various screens of CloneCD.

Thank you.

CloneCD copys DVDs just fine, it just does not compress them. It will also make a backup on the fly, from one drive to another without using the hdd folder. I do not know about DVDRWs I never used them.

@captainvideo - you already have a thread on this subject right here in this forum. Please don’t crosspost.

[QUOTE=Arachne;2112733]@captainvideo - you already have a thread on this subject right here in this forum. Please don’t crosspost.[/QUOTE]

I wouldn’t if someone would reply.

There are guides to read. Slysoft has a forum also.

[QUOTE=Bob;2112738]There are guides to read. Slysoft has a forum also.[/QUOTE]

I cannot find any.

[QUOTE=captainvideo;2112737]I wouldn’t if someone would reply.[/QUOTE]

People have replied.

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Finally got CloneCD to work!

I first tried doing the same thing a 2nd time and still my DVD player could not read it.

Then I tried it a 3rd time and selected a [I]slower writing speed[/I] and it then worked. Very perplexing. I never had trouble with writing speed before when using CloneDVD2. I always used 4x for these verbatim DVD+RWs. But since they are [I]rated at 4x[/I], I decided here to try 2-2.4x instead and my DVD player did read the disk and begin to play the video.

Sorry for alarming-sounding post. It is just that CloneCD seemed very barebones compared to CloneDVD and there was very little screen guidance.