Island Cracking Down on PC Software

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Source: Yahoo

Cyprus is cracking down on illegal copying of computer software, a practice that accounts for as much as 70 percent of all software used at workplaces on the island, a legal adviser…

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NOoooo! All pirate stuff will kill! BSA can`t shut down big ware site like filez4u or!

oh yeh we can u prick. watch us HAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!

The only priks are the BSA, shit for brains users like Bsadude

what a lame reply of BSADude

very ‘intelligent’ reply i must say, lamer

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There we go again…

13 to 14 Million £ loss… blablabla

If there weren’t warez, most ppl wouldn’t have a computer.
But because there’s warez, everyone can afford a computer and therefor the hardware gets developed more and more.

What’s the reason that M$ is so “popular”?

And why are all those progs made for M$ windows so popular?

Well, original software prices
in Cyprus are really high:
WinME is selling at about
$300 us dollars, games
start from $70-$100 us dollars…Maybe BSA instead
of spending billions on tracking down piracy, should
spend money on reducing the prices of the originals for obvious reasons…

Ah the best things in life are for free warez til the end…
300 us for millennium in cyprus anyone want a copy?